Our mission at Clean Break® Foods is to make delicious real food crafted in the kitchen, not engineered in a lab, with products made from a limited number of healthy ingredients. Clean Break Foods is the first food brand to position itself at the nexus between luxe and health.

We are looking to build partnerships with industry leaders to become part of the Clean Break phenomenon. Partnership opportunities include free advertising and promotion of your business.


  • Become a preferred Clean Break retailer
    • We will promote your location via our website and social media
    • Get exclusive early access to Clean Break product at a discount to you and your clients

  • Rep Clean Break products in your area
    • We will supply samples and gear as well as potential cash considerations
    • Grow your influence in the hard-to-reach luxe food target market by promoting premium Clean Break products

  • Be a part of revolutionizing the snack industry by supporting, promoting and selling delicious, high quality, health forward Clean Break food products.


Founder and CEO, Chef Nina Rualo has spent nearly two years of research and development on the company’s first product, the Clean Break Cookie. Born from her mastery of the art of decadent sweets and her expertise in clean cooking, and with only 8 ingredients and no artificial anything, The Clean Break Cookie tastes like a delicious chocolate chip cookie…because it is.

The Clean Break Cookie is a cookie first and a healthy food choice second

Chef Nina

For more information regarding our products and partnership opportunities go to: CLEANBREAK.COM or contact Chef Nina Rualo @ info@cleanbreak.com